Solar power is a key source of renewable energy whichwill replace depletable energy sources such as fossil fuels and coal. Mr. Podduang Kongkamee, Chief Executive Officer of SAAM Development Company Limited, who is an expert in renewable energy with over 10 years of knowledge and experience stated the following in relation to the Company’s business.
“The Company is currently expanding its renewable energy business domestically and internationally, with the goal to develop 100 MW of renewable energy projects by 2020 to support the increased demand of electricity generation from renewable sources posed by the governments of each country and grasp the opportunity of serving needs of a large number of investors who have sparked interest in renewable energy projects. However, to enhance efficiency and reduce the amount of time needed to develop a project, the Company works with international firms who have expertise in renewable energy projects in each country.
Even though investment cost of renewable energy projects at present are considered high as compared to projects utilizing coal or oil, more and more emphasis is placed on renewable energy globally, especially when disposal of radioactive waste from nuclear power projects still pose a crucial problem. As such, I believe the Company will be able to operate its business with stable and sustainable growth going forward.”